Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Crappy Housewife Tip of the Day

Have blankets and sheets to fold, but no capable adult to recruit into taking the other end? I have a super-simple, highly effective folding partner, who is always willing and available, and never lets go of their end and drops it on the dirty ground: gravity. If you have stairs in your house, you probably have this partner, too. Just stand somewhere high, and let the sheet hang low. In my old house, the best place was the hallway beside the banister on the second floor, dangling over the stairs. In my new house, it's halfway up the first floor stairs, hanging over the downstairs hallway. All you need is enough height to let the whole length or width of the sheet hang loosely without touching the ground. Fold the top, and the bottom will follow. It's so easy and effective, I actually use this method even when there is a recruitable adult nearby!

Even the dreaded fitted sheets aren't too hard with this method. I just turn one corner inside-out inside the opposite corner, then do the same thing with the doubled-up corners. But, in general, I use the "wash it and put it right back on the bed without folding it" method whenever possible.