Monday, December 12, 2011

Crappy Housewife Tip of the Day

If you only have time for a rush cleaning, start with the most obvious areas - toys on the living room floor, dishes on the dining room table, etc. If you have time for a deep cleaning, start with the most neglected areas - the clutter pile, the countertop under the toaster oven, etc. If you run out of time for deep cleaning, you can always get to the obvious stuff later, but if you do the obvious stuff first, you’ll never get around to the deep cleaning.

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  1. A friend pointed me here earlier in the day and this blog is awesome! I've successfully avoided washing all of my windows and doing the other half of the dishes whilst reading this. :)

    Another tip I learned today, if you're interested, seems quite clever. If you have dishes to do and you need to descale the kettle at the same time, quarter-fill the kettle, add a squirt of white vinegar, and boil it. The white vinegar helps with the scale, then you can tip the water into the sink with some soap and cold water to do your dishes. And since you've got the vinegar water in with your washing up water your sink gets shined while you wash *and* your wine glasses come out of the water streak free! Triple win.