Friday, January 27, 2012

Crappy Housewife Tip of the Day

Choose one mug to be your Designated Mug I Use For Coffee Every Morning. I have a tendency to not wash dishes unless I need them to use right now, so mugs are one of those things that I will shove to the side while washing the dishes I have fewer of, like my one cutting board (I used to have three, whatever happened to the other two?) I only drink coffee once a day, but somehow, whenever I finally get around to washing all of the dishes, there are at least a dozen dirty mugs sitting there. (I suspect that dirty mugs may breed on counters. There certainly always seem to be too many of them to fit in the cupboard once I finally get them clean.)

So, the last time I got all the mugs clean, I chose one to be my DMIUFCEM. As soon as I am done my morning coffee, I wash the DMIUFCEM, so it will be clean and ready for the next day. Haha, just kidding. The next morning, while my coffee is brewing, I search the house for where I left the DMIUFCEM, and wash it out when I find it. It just had coffee in it less than a day ago, and it's about to have coffee in it again, so a quick rinse will usually suffice.


  1. If you fill your DMIUFCEM with water after using it, it is easier to rinse the next morning.

  2. Or better yet, since you're filling it with water anyway, why not just swirl & dump and your cup is good to go! LOL