Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Crappy Housewife Tip of the Day

So you bought a brand new glue stick, and after your first craft using it, a forgetful child leaves the cap off. When you finally get around to cleaning up the craft several days later, it is a shriveled peg of dried glue. Oh well, throw it out, right? Wrong! You can rehydrate dried-out glue sticks! Just fill with water, stick the cap on, and leave it overnight. Tomorrow morning, you will have a brand new glue stick again!


  1. Really? As an elementary teacher, do you have any idea how useful this information is? Holy kamoly, you have no idea how exciting this is!! I'll save a fortune!!

  2. Glad to help! Mind you, I don't know if this works with a half-used glue stick, because then your water-to-dried-glue ratio would be off. But I THINK it would work if you rolled the glue down to the lowest point, then only filled it with water to the top of the actual glue. Good luck!