Friday, November 25, 2011

Crappy Housewife Tip of the Day

Hate sorting socks? Get rid of all your socks and replace them with several packs of the exact same kind. No more sorting! Just put them all in the drawer. When you need a pair, grab two and go!

(Submitted by a whole bunch of people. I actually did this with my husband's socks - he has only two kinds of socks, now, ankle socks and long socks, all the same. I like variety in my sock drawer too much to do this for myself, but it's tempting!)


  1. The only problem with this particular tip in my house is that my husband (who has all the same socks) compares the wear on his socks and still tells me that I pair them wrong :(

  2. I think your problem is that you're pairing them. Just throw them all loose in his drawer and let him figure it out!