Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Crappy Housewife Tip of the Day

It doesn’t matter that the trash has been overflowing for days. It doesn’t matter that taking out the trash is his job. He won’t notice. Just take the trash out yourself.


Or, alternatively, you can always reframe your laziness as righteous indignation:

"But it's been overflowing for days! Taking the trash out is his job! I'll just pile a few more things on, and he's bound to notice!!"

(When in doubt, take a picture and blog about it.)


  1. I feel for you. We had Jake's b-day party over the weekend and we had a 1/2 full bag from all the garbage from the party and instead of tying it off and taking it out, it sits open on the kitchen floor and is now 2/3 full (meanwhile the regular kitchen garbage is insanely overflowing not to mention the ones in each of the other rooms!) Guess what I'm doing today LOL...sigh.

  2. My husband will just pile it all on the top of the bin, even if it's empty... it's like WTF?! But then, we also do the whole, pile it and when the tower falls who ever made it fall has to take it out. I've been tempted to staple things on top in the past... it always ends up being him taking it out though. I hate it for some reason...